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Proton Treatment Centers

MIBS proton tedavi merkezi

MIBS Hardware and Team

Since 2017 St. MIBS, which actively performs proton therapy in St. Petersburg, uses the latest technological products of Varian, a leader in its field, and works with experienced radiation oncology specialists who apply radiosurgery and radiation therapy.

With the tumors, 360-degree rotating irradiation portal and robotic patient table, proton irradiation treatment can be applied to the patient in the shortest distance and reliable way.
With the Varian ProBeam proton irradiation system, two therapy rooms, patients are irradiated with a pen beam scanning system called PBS. As the name suggests, the PBS technique takes its name from the radiation beam, which is the tip of a sharp pencil layering on the tumor.

We have given our top priority to the training of our medical team and medical physicists. Before the MIBS proton therapy center was opened, our medical team was trained in leading medical institutions in Europe and America and centers experienced in stereotactic radiotherapy and proton therapy for many years. The centers where our specialists receive training are Maryland Proton Treatment Center, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Yale University, Smilow Cancer Center USA, Switzerland Paul Scherrer Institute and other treatment centers.
Our doctors and medical physicists work with the Roberts Proton Therapy Center in Pennsylvania, USA, to plan the best treatment for patients.

Chang Gung Memorial.jpeg

CGMH Hardware and Team

Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (CGMH) is a JCI-approved multi-specialty hospital located in the middle of Taiwan's thriving Linkou region. Founded in 1978, CGMH is listed as one of Taiwan's largest, most prestigious medical and training centers with approximately 4,000 beds and a total of 29 specialty centers. 

It includes four chambers with rotating skids for proton therapy and ten chambers for a next-generation linear accelerator. Approximately 3000 patients receive linear accelerator therapy and 1500 patients receive proton beam therapy per year. 

Today, the CGMH is recognized as a powerhouse and pioneer in curative innovation, research and teaching. It is also the largest academic center accredited by the Joint International Commission [JCI (2014-2017)]. Our hospital's medical achievements, which are featured in the National Geographic Channel's documentary "Taiwan's Medical Miracle", are appreciated both nationally and internationally. At Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, we provide quality medical services, cutting-edge technology, and superior value to domestic and cross-border patients, prioritizing patient-centered care.

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