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Cancers that can be treated with proton therapy

Treatment of Gynecological Cancers with Proton Therapy

Gynecological cancer is any cancer that begins in a woman's reproductive organs. There are several types of Gynecological cancers, including cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal and vulvar.

Proton therapy can help reduce the radiation dose to surrounding healthy tissues, such as the kidneys and bladder.

Signs / Symptoms

Signs and symptoms are not the same for everyone, and each gynecological cancer has its own signs and symptoms.

  • abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge

  • Feeling full very quickly or having trouble eating, bloating, and stomach or back pain

  • pelvic pain or pressure

  • More frequent or urgent need to urinate and/or constipation

  • Itching, burning, pain or tenderness of the vulva and changes in the color or skin of the vulva such as redness, sores or warts


Some gynecological cancers can be diagnosed with a Pap smear or pelvic exam. For other types of cancer, a biopsy may be necessary. The blood test can also confirm the presence of cancerous cells.


Treatment of gynecological cancers may include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. If you need radiation to treat your cancer, proton therapy provides a more precise radiation therapy that can minimize the radiation dose received to healthy tissues and nearby organs such as the rectum, pelvic bones, kidneys, bladder and bowel.

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