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Proton Treatment Centers

Proton Treatment Process

Being diagnosed with cancer is a situation that affects people deeply. But there is no need to be discouraged and spend your time with fear and anxiety. The process of Proton Therapy, which has been developed as a result of the opportunities provided by innovative medicine, is generally

It consists of 6 stages. 

1 stage -Pre-diagnosis anddetermination of suitability for treatment
Whether the patients who apply for Proton Therapy in Turkey are suitable for Proton Therapy are examined by a competent physician trained in Proton Therapy and gives an approval report on this subject.
(Alternative treatment methods are also recommended for patients who do not need proton therapy, and their processes are followed up if requested.)
Stage 2 - Evaluation of the patient's health

The report of compliance with the treatment given as a result of the examination in Turkey, PET/CT and contrast-enhanced MR images (in DICOM format), medical evaluation, medical epicrisis report, biopsy result, histology, medical laboratory results are sent to the Proton Treatment Center of your choice as a file. Our MTS consultant will contact you if additional or more up-to-date reports are needed to evaluate your patient reports and plan treatment. The consortium formed by specialist physicians working in MIBS or CGMH prepares the pre-treatment program with a second medical opinion within 3 days and we will get back to you. After your positive decision about treatment, a treatment invitation is issued for the necessary visa procedures and the treatment process begins.

Stage 3 - Planning the treatment

During the examination at the proton center, the physician examines the patient's medical documents, the volume and results of the previous treatment and the current health status of the patient are evaluated. In the event that medical evaluations are insufficient for planning the treatment, additional diagnoses in accordance with international protocols can be made within the wide possibilities of the oncology clinic, imaging systems and histology laboratory. After the necessary evaluations are made, detailed information about the treatment process and pricing will be sent to the patient or patient representative.

Stage 4 - Treatment preparations

The effectiveness of the treatment becomes clear by determining the boundaries of the tumor and surrounding tissues. Multi-spiral CT, MRI and PET/CT are used for imaging. All medical equipment necessary for the planning and control of proton therapy is located in the center.

For the planning of proton therapy, medical physicists perform a study that will last between 5 and 7 days. In this process, a 3-dimensional modeling of the tumor and surrounding tissues is made based on the images taken, and the borders of the cancerous tissue and critical vital organs are drawn (brain stem, heart, optic nerves, glands, etc.). In accordance with the prepared model, the trajectory of the proton beams is calculated for the irradiation of the tumor tissue, its dosage, and the protection of critical surrounding tissues from radiation.
In addition to this stage, a special mask for the patient and a special bed that will keep the patient still during the treatment are prepared.

Stage 5 - Proton Therapy

Proton therapy is a type of treatment that does not require hospitalization and is completed within 1 to 7 weeks. The fraction (irradiation session) is between 5 and 35 fractions, depending on the type and stage of the cancer. Irradiation sessions are applied every weekday except weekends. During the procedure, the patient lies comfortably on the patient table. With the communication system in the treatment room, the patient is in communication with the proton therapy specialists simultaneously and is under surveillance by the specialists with a camera system. The treatment session lasts between 20 and 30 minutes with the confirmation of the treatment before the treatment. The effect time of protons on the tumor is between 1 and 3 minutes. While cancerous cells are irradiated with proton beams in accordance with the treatment plan, the patient's position and the sharpness of the treatment are constantly controlled by the system to prevent damage to the surrounding tissues by the radiation. The treatment process and all important parameters are monitored by specialist personnel through monitors in the centers.

Stage 6 - Post Treatment

Cancer treatment is not terminated with the last fraction of proton beam given to the patient. The patient should routinely undergo health checks to be determined by the physician. At the end of the last proton session, the physician will interview the patient, and the physician will convey the suggestions that the patient in the treatment and recovery process should apply. In addition, the information letter about the MRI scans, which should be done periodically by the radiotherapy physician in order to control the dynamics of the disease in the English epic, will be translated into Turkish by MTS and sent to the patient. By sending your routine controls to e-mail address in DICOM format, MIBS radiotherapy physicians monitor and evaluate your treatment status.

Step-by-step Proton Therapy Process
  1. The patient applying to MTS is pre-diagnosed and evaluated by the specialist physician.

  2. The patient's health status is evaluated by Proton Therapy specialists.

  3. The Treatment Program is prepared and shared with the patient.

  4. The date of the treatment is finalized and the payment is made by signing the patient service contract. 

  5. Before radiation therapy  Travel planning is arranged by MTS due to a 7 to 10 day preparation time.

  6. The patient is met at the airport and then transferred to the hotel. 

  7. The patient is taken to the first examination to prepare for irradiation (CT, MRI simulations, etc.) on the specified date .

  8. At the end of the preparation process, the Irradiation procedures will begin. Irradiation is only done on weekdays.

  9. On weekends, if the patient wishes, he/she can attend the cultural tour and  events organized by MTS.

  10. After the treatment is concluded, all necessary reports will be given to the patient.

  11. The patient will return to Turkey on the scheduled date. 

  12. The patient's health status will be followed by MTS. 

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