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What is Proton Therapy

proton tedavisi

Who Is Proton Therapy For?

proton therapy,It is used worldwide for many types of oncological pathology. And often patients are a valuable and effective solution.

  1. First, treatment with a proton beam does not require surgical intervention, which makes this method ideal for inoperable tumors.Treatment with a proton beam is suitable for patients who, for health reasons, cannot afford surgical intervention.  

  2. Or for those who, for some reason, refuse to undergo a cavitary operation.

  3. Secondly, the high accuracy of the destruction of cancer cells, together with the most protective effect on healthy organs and normal tissues,brain of tumor, heart,spineIn cases where it is dangerously close to important organs such asproton therapymaking it an indispensable method.

  4. Third,proton therapy,It provides excellent results for well-defined solid tumors, that is, where the cancer has not spread to other parts of the body.

  5. Fourth, the protective effect on healthy cells and the absence of side effects,proton therapy to treat childrenmakes it possible to accept it as the most suitable method for

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