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MIBS Proton Treatment Center

MIBS proton tedavi merkezi

Service and Comfort

By coming to MIBS Proton treatment center, you find yourself in a clinic that operates at international standards. Most of the colleagues working in the center, working in medical personnel, service and administrative jobs can speak English (translator guide can be arranged upon request.) and make maximum effort to meet the needs of the patient.

A personnel working in the service department will accompany you in your diagnosis and treatment procedures. During the therapy, interviews will be held with the physician who conducts your treatment to discuss your health status, treatment plan and, if necessary, treatment arrangements. Physician interviews with the patient are planned by the physician, additional physician interviews can be made at the request of the patient.

The proton therapy center is 30 minutes away from Pulkovo airport and is located in a quiet, wooded area away from the metropolitan and crowded residential areas outside the city.
The center, which has a very large area, includes a hall where patients can relax, a winter garden, a children's playground, pediatric patient rooms where children rest after anesthesia, physician rooms and treatment rooms with an irradiation port.

In the intensively working proton therapy center, the treatments are arranged in such a way that the patients do not encounter the intensity, and the patients can receive their treatments without waiting in line. After the patient who comes to the treatment reaches the center at the specified time, the session ends in an average of one hour and the patient can leave the center and return to his normal life. Foreign patients coming to MIBS can discover the historical beauties of St. Petersburg, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Proton therapy is a type of treatment performed without hospitalization of patients in the world. Therefore, patients who come for treatment are free to choose their accommodation. In line with the patient's request, rental houses within walking distance of the proton therapy center can be recommended. There are transfer and transportation options for patients who want to stay in the city center. Medical Tourism Services will provide you with all kinds of assistance in this regard.

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