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What is Proton Therapy

Proton Therapy Cost


The cost of Proton Therapy varies from country to country. Compared to the USA and European countries, Russia can offer very advantageous packages in terms of treatment costs.

Government support can be obtained for proton therapy in Turkey, and patients can benefit from the health assistance provided by the General Health Insurance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and SGK by passing the necessary steps to receive the health assistance provided by the SGK under the 5510 Law. 

In order to receive treatment support abroad, first of all, there must be a treatment that cannot be performed in the country. In order for the procedures to be carried out duly, the health board report prepared in accordance with the format of the 'Health Board Report for Those Who Will Be Sent Abroad' (Annex-2/E-1) supplement to the SUT. must be made.

If the patients have the required medical board report approved by Ankara Numune and Research Hospital, Istanbul Şişli Hamidiye Eftal Training and Research Hospital and İzmir Yenişehir Training and Research Hospital or directly obtained from these hospitals, the report is sent to the Ministry of Health for approval procedures.

Approval procedures can be made by the relevant persons or by submitting them to the Provincial Health Security Directorate or General Health Insurance General Directorate.

After the completion of the confirmation and approval procedures, the reports of the health board are submitted to the General Health Insurance General Directorate by the Provincial Directorate of Social Security and submitted to the General Health Insurance General Directorate for approval.

After the necessary reports are approved, the necessary coordination is ensured with the health facility that will provide the treatment and the necessary documents regarding the treatment are sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for approval. In order to carry out other procedures, the health board report and other documents related to foreign treatment are also submitted to the relevant provincial directorate of social security.

With the approval from the General Health Insurance General Directorate, after the instruction regarding the notification to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reaches the SGK provincial directorate, the preparation of the formulas according to the relevant country for the person covered by Law No. In the event that the per diem, treatment costs are transferred to the country, and after the treatment is completed, settlement transactions and similar transactions are carried out with the insured or dependent person.

In cases where the person to be treated abroad, the contracted or non-contracted health service provider does not exceed the treatment fee worked with contracted institutions, their expenses are covered. At the same time, in cases where the treatment cost is covered by the patient, the paid fees can be recovered by submitting the necessary documents to be requested by the SSI.

In cases where the patient's medical board report requires transportation by air ambulance as stated, the costs are covered by the SSI in case the vehicle costs are billed.

Within the scope of proton therapy, necessary documents will be provided to you if you receive treatment at MIBS Proton Center and benefit from our services.

For more detailed information, you can reach the relevant page of the Health Security Institution by clicking on the link.

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